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Admiral 361-5Q

Admiral 396-6M

Airline 62-325

Airline 62-350

Airline 93WG-602B

Airline 93WG-604

Aria A11

Arkay S5E

Arvin 544

Belmont 526

Belmont 638

Coronado 43-8160 "Jewel"

Crosley 56PB

DeWald 530

Delco R-1134

Detrola 208

Emerson 108

Emerson 109

Emerson 126

Emerson 149

Emerson 19 "Miracle Six"

Emerson 20A

Emerson 415

Emerson BL-200

Emerson BY-233

Fada 350B "Coloradio"

Firestone S-7426-1 "Air Chief"

Grebe Challenger I

I.T.I. 546T

Kadette 40 "Jewel"

Kadette 90

Kadette F "Junior"

Mantola G45-XJ5

National Union 5D2

Northern Electric 5508 "Midge"

Packard Bell 5DA

Philco 38-12CB

Philco 46-420 "Hippo"

Philco PT-25

Philco PT-57

Philco PT-91


RCA 8X541

Remler 51 "Skipper"

Silvertone 4500 "Streamliner"

Silvertone 6102A "Automatic Streamliner"

Stewart Warner 07-5B1 "Varsity"

Truetone D-941

Zenith 516Y

Zenith 6-D-312

Zenith R509R


Admiral 398-6M

General Electric GD-520

Kadette H

Kadette K-152

Brunswick 10

Climax AC "Jewell"

Crosley 167 "Dual Fiver"

Crosley 168 "Dual Seven"

Echophone S-4 "Bantham"


Philco 37-60

Philco 50 "Baby Grand"

Philco 51 "Baby Grand"

Philco 70 "Baby Grand"

RCA 120

Airline 62-2500

Atwater Kent 60

Brunswick S-21

Clarion C-105A

Coronado 47LL

Detrola 163

Edison R5

General Electric F-65

Howard 718

Kolster K-140

Majestic 103

Majestic 156 "Sherwood"

Majestic 8FM776

Philco 17RX

Philco 40-180

Philco 640X

Westinghouse WR15 "Columaire Jr Deluxe"

Westinghouse WR8 "Columaire"

Zenith 11-S-474

Zenith 12-H-090

Zenith 9-S-367

Arvin 40 "Mighty Mite"

Atwater Kent 41

Belmont 525 "The Individual Radio"

DeWald 430 "Robinhood"

Federal Jr

General Electric BX

General Electric M-40

RCA 102
Painted Bakelite

Airline 93WG-602B

Arvin 951T

Belmont 519

Crosley 11-105U

Crosley 11-123U

Crosley 56TD "Duette"

Crosley E15CE

Delco R-1135

Fada 120

Farnsworth GT-051

Grantline 503

Stewart Warner 97-562 "Varsity"

Westinghouse H-126 "Little Jewel"

Admiral 397-6M

Airline 62-352

Belmont 531

Emerson 108

Emerson 126

Emerson BL-200

Fada 260G "Coloradio"

Fada 350V "Coloradio"

Goodyear Wings 602

Kadette 43 "Jewel"

Kadette F "Junior"

Kadette K-151

Pacific 30

Silvertone 4505 "Streamliner"

Silvertone 6103A "Automatic Streamliner"

Tiffany Tone 50B

Arkay S5E

Capehart C14

Capehart C14

General Electric 124

General Electric 522

Philco 49-503 "Flying Wedge"

Travler T-200

20th Century 100X

Airline 14BR-685A

Airline 62-317

Airline 62-361

Arvin 182-TFM

Clinton 216

Coronado 908

Crosley 135 "Mail Pouch"

Crosley 517 "Fiver"

Delco R-1125

Emerson 25A

Emerson B-131


General Electric 221

General Electric E50

General Electric F-53

General Electric F-63

General Electric F-80

General Electric G53

General Electric J64

Homemade Crystal Radio

Howard 275

Master RT-200

Motorola 59T5

Motorola 62CW

Motorola 65F11

Philco 41-220

Philco 41-255

Philco 54C

RCA 96T2

RCA R-28

Sears & Roebuck Receiving Transformer

Sentinel 73BT163

Stewart Warner R-1272 "Prado"

Truetone D-711

Truetone D-727

Westinghouse RC

Zenith 5-S-218

Zenith 6-S-527

Zenith 807
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