Homemade AA5 Radio
Bands: AM
Tube Lineup: 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, 50L6, 35Z5
Around 2005, someone at a VRPS meet gave me a nice chassis of an AA5 (All-American 5 tube) radio without the cabinet. I suspect the chassis was an Arkay S5E because of the kit-like assembly quality and the dial scale was very similar to the Arkay. The chassis was stripped down and cleaned. Each individual component (tuning capacitor, I.F. cans, speaker, transformer, etc.) were added one at a time as the whole radio was rebuilt and rewired from ground up using a generic AA5 schematic. A case was constructed of clear plexiglass so one could see the radio's inner workings and to see the tubes actually glow!
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