Fada 120

Fada 120


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 12K7, 12J7, 50L6, 35Z5

The ivory-painted Fada made its way in my collection from a VRPS meet. I'm uncertain of the model because the cabinet was used in several later models including the 148, 209, and 609. The seller restored the radio and noted that the only flaw with the radio was a blown resistor that he could not identify. He originally identified the radio as the 1946 model 609, which turned out to be incorrect due to the tube lineup. The Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia lists only one model with the radio's tube lineup, a model 120. The schematic matched perfectly except there was a 6K7 in place of a 12K7 and the blown resistor was placed in series with the filament string. Perhaps the resistor was added on by someone at one point in time to somehow drop the extra 6-volts because the 6K7 was used. The 6K7's 300mA filament current versus the 12K7's 150mA filament current is probably why the resistor blew. And not to mention the ballast tube and the audio output tube were swapped in the wrong sockets.

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