Philco 17RX
Philco 17RX
Bands: AM, SW
Tube Lineup: 78, 6A7, 78, 37, 37, 78, 77, 42, 42, 42, 5Z3
Not quite a console radio but close enough. This lovely Philco 17RX chairside with the model 17 chassis was a nice auction win. This Philco has a neat swivel top that reveals the radio controls and doubles as a small storage area. The 17RX is one of a series of "Lazyboy" models of which only 4,500 were sold perhaps because of the relatively steep prices of the model line for the time. The earlier "Lazyboy" model 14RX sold for $150 and the 16RX for $195. These chairsides were equipped with a nice remote and separate speaker. However, this Philco was neatly modified by a previous owner to house a speaker at the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet did not need any refinishing work when I bought it and the radio only needed new filter capacitors.
Philco 17RX
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