Philco 37-60

Philco 37-60


Bands: AM, SW

Tube Lineup: 6A8, 6K7, 6Q7, 6F6, 5Y4

Found at a VRPS swap meet, the Philco 37-60 was my first cathedral radio. The face of the cabinet was in pretty bad shape because of the dreaded "photo finish" technique Philco used, which was unknown to me at the time. Special papers with wood patterns were slapped on the cheap wood front panels of these cathedrals to make the wood appear expensive. The paper finish was beyond hope but best efforts were put into replicating the gold-black vertical lines and the two-tone colors. The chassis was missing all the tubes, and the 5Y4 rectifier was difficult to acquire so the rectifier tube socket was rewired for a 5Y3 rectifier. The 37-60 originally sold for $33.50 in 1937.

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