Emerson 415

Emerson 415


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 78, 77, 38, 1-V

The 415 was introduced in 1934 as an electrically updated version of the model 20A with an updated tube line-up. The 415 uses the same beautiful timeless styled Bakelite cabinet as the 20A. This is one great example of many attractive case styles and designs by Emerson in the early thirties during the peak of the Great Depression. The 20A had a built-in filament dropping resistor that posed ventilation problems in the cabinet and was replaced with a resistance line cord in the 415. However, the resistance line cord of the model 415 was not much safer either and contributed to the coinage of the name "curtain burner" with the radio and cord often being placed too close to window curtains and catching fire.

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