Philco 38-12CB

Philco 38-12CB


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 6A7, 78, 75, 41, 84

The 1938 year was the first time Philco offered radios in a bakelite cabinet and the 38-12CB was one of the first models. The "CB" in the model number stood for Compact Bakelite. The Philco 38-12 is a 5-tube transformer-powered superheterodyne radio offered in several cabinet options including 38-12C and 38-12T (walnut wood), 38-12CI (ivory painted wood), 38-12CB (walnut bakelite), 38-12CBI (ivory plaskon). The cabinet was also used for the 38-14CB (walnut bakelite, AC/DC operation), 38-14CBI (ivory plaskon, AC/DC operation), 38-15CB (walnut bakelite, AC only), and 38-15CBI (ivory plaskon, AC only), all of which had a shortwave band and a third knob directly below the dial for band selection. The walnut bakelite cabinet has been reused on several later year models including for 1939, the TH-3 (AM only, 39-6 chassis), 1940 with the 40-90CB (AM only, battery), 40-710T (AM/SW, AC/DC operation), 40-2710T (AM/SW, AC/DC operation), 1941 with the 41-705T (AM/SW, AC/DC operation) and finally the PT-30 (AM only, AC/DC operation).

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