Stewart Warner R-1272 "Prado"
Stewart Warner R-1272 "Prado"
Bands: AM, SW
Tube Lineup: 6A7, 6D6, 75, 41, 80
This radio is a gorgeous example of Stewart Warner's incredible line of tombstone radios from the time. The cabinet is covered with a plethora of attractive wood veneers and colors. I purchased the radio at a local private auction. The cabinet was stripped and some of the veneer had to be repaired on the sides. The swirly wood on the front of the radio was chipped especially at the bottom and in other areas. This type of wood is difficult to replace or fill-in so I decided to cut off some of the chipped parts at the bottom and placed a long strip of veneer there. The results came out great and the pieces I cut off were reused to fill in chips in other parts of the front. The top of the cabinet is actually painted solid black perhaps because of the oriental influences on the design.
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